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Wuxi Hongda Texparts Machinery Co., Ltd
Wuxi Hongda Texparts Machinery CO., LTD is held by China Hengtian Technology Group CO., LTD (CHTC) and Jingwei Textile Machinery CO., LTD. It is a key high-tech enterprise in the industry of textile machinery in China, and also ISO9001:2008-authenticated and 3A Grade Integrity Company of Wuxi City. Established in 1977, now it has an area of 82520.5 ㎡, with 350 employees . It is located in No, 5 of Zhangshe Road, Hudai Industry Park, Binhu District in Wuxi City, with a registered capital of 20, 000, 000 RMB and total asset of 207, 250, 000 RMB.
We are manufacturer of textile machinery parts specializing in developing and producing series of friction false-twisters, false-twister bearings, spindle bearings, covering spindles, two-for-one twisting spindles, fancy yarn twisters, tension pulleys and other high-precision, high-speed rotary parts. Our products are very competitive in their high precision, high rotation speed and super quality, and the technologies have all reached a higher level both at home and abroad, for which we have won 19 national patents. There are 5 items including friction twisters, covering spindles and friction false-twister bearings which are honored to be high-tech products of Jiangsu Province, and covering spindles are also listed in the Torch Plan of Jiangsu Province.
Our high-tech products take up a large market share and are sold well to many cities all over the country. Meanwhile, we also export our products with textile machines. We’re always following “Quality First” and trying to improve the quality system to ensure XFZ Brand to enjoy a good prestige among the customers. Besides, our major economic technological indexes on average always remain at an advanced level of the textile machinery industry in China. In 2010, our annual turnover reaches 155, 400, 000 RMB.
Our strategic objective is to get more professional and accurate, to get much stronger and firmer to achieve sustainable development.

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No.5 Zhangshe Road,Hudai Industry,Binhu District, Wuxi 214161, Jiangsu, China


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